Mott Jordan
  Drawing upon a host of influences encompassing American pop culture, circus sideshow banners, Soviet and Communist Chinese propaganda posters, northern Renaissance painting, vintage children's books, antique zoology and botany illustrations, Indian miniature art, underground comix and 1960s psychedelia, Mott Jordan's work is a quirky fusion of disparate ideas and visual styles. The juxtapositions tend to raise more questions than they answer.
   Mr. Jordan studied studio art at UC Santa Cruz, specializing in oil painting and printmaking. Early influences include the work of Max Beckmann, Edvard Munch, Pablo Picasso, Egon Schiele, Paul Gauguin, Georgio de Chirico, Mimmo Paladino, Heironymous Bosch, Diego Velazquez, Rembrandt, Rogier van der Weyden, Andrea Mantegna, Jan Van Eyck, Giotto, and many others. He continues to live and work in Santa Cruz, CA.

E X H I B I T I O N  H I S T O R Y
The Zirndorf Armillary and Other Stories
September 2009, Artisan's Gallery
1368 Pacific Avenue, Santa Cruz, CA

Dia de los Muertos IV
November, 2007; Michael Angelo Gallery
1111-A River St., Santa Cruz, CA

Strange Truths
October, 2007; Santa Cruz Art League
526 Broadway, Santa Cruz, CA

Living Proof: Contemporary Printmakers of Santa Cruz County
March – May, 2003; Pajaro Valley Arts Council & Gallery
37 Sudden Street, Watsonville, CA

17th Avenue Studios: "Beyond the Fire"
March, 2002; 17th Avenue Studios
980 17th Avenue, Santa Cruz, CA

Mott Jordan: Mixed Media Paintings
June, 2000; The Tied House Café & Brewery, Mountain View
954 Villa Street, Mountain View, CA

Mott Jordan: Recent Works on Paper
March, 1999; The Tied House Brewery, San Jose
65 N. San Pedro Street, San Jose, CA

Juried/Invitational Exhibition: Toys in Contemporary Art
December, 1997; D.P. Fong Galleries
383 S. First Street, San Jose, CA

UCSC Alumni Art & Wine Festival
July, 1997; Baskin Art Facility
UCSC, Santa Cruz, CA

UCSC Alumni Art & Wine Festival
July, 1996; Baskin Art Facility
UCSC, Santa Cruz, CA

Mott Jordan: Paintings
July, 1994; Espresso Royale
1545 Pacific Ave, Santa Cruz, CA

Santa Cruz County Open Studios
October 1993, annually through October 2002
Cultural Council event; participating artist.

Andrew Shachat/Mott Jordan: New Works
November, 1992; Dancing Man Gallery
123 Maple St, Santa Cruz, CA

Exemplary Contempor’y
One work selected for group exhibition.
May, 1992; Eloise Pickard Smith Gallery
Cowell College, UCSC

Flame On!
July, 1989; India Joze Restaurant
Santa Cruz Art Center, 1001 Center St., Santa Cruz, CA

Pictures That Won’t Match the Couch
June, 1988; India Joze Restaurant
Santa Cruz Art Center, 1001 Center St., Santa Cruz, CA

Monterey Museum of Art Biennial Juried Exhibition
One work selected for exhibition.
June, 1987; Monterey Peninsula Museum of Art;
559 Pacific Ave., Monterey, CA


B.A. in studio art from University of California, Santa Cruz.